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CSA - A Quick Start Guide for Drivers $24.95

CSA - Training for Drivers of Hazmat Shipments $39.95

CSA BASIC 1 - Unsafe Driving FMCSRs $24.95

CSA BASIC 2 - Hours of Service (HOS) FMCSRs $24.95

CSA BASIC 3 - Driver Fitness FMCSRs $24.95

CSA BASIC 4 - Controlled Substances/Alcohol FMCSRs $24.95

CSA BASIC 5 - Vehicle Maintenance FMCSRs $24.95

CSA BASIC 6 - Cargo-Related FMCSRs $24.95

CSA Manager Courses CLICK TO START

CSA - A Quick Start Guide for Managers $24.95

CSA Manager's BASIC 1 - Unsafe Driving FMCSRs $24.95

CSA Manager's BASIC 2 - Hours of Service (HOS) FMCSRs $24.95

CSA Manager's BASIC 3A - Driver Fitness (CDL Regulations) FMCSRs $24.95

CSA Manager's BASIC 3B - Driver Fitness (Carrier Driver Qualifications) FMCSRs $24.95

CSA Manager's BASIC 4 - Controlled Substances/Alcohol FMCSRs $24.95

CSA Manager's BASIC 5A - Vehicle Maintenance (Parts and Accessories) FMCSRs $24.95

CSA Manager's BASIC 5B - Vehicle Maintenance (Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance) FMCSRs $24.95

CSA Manager's BASIC 6A - Cargo-Related (Securement) FMCSRs $24.95

CSA Manager's BASIC 6B - Cargo-Related (HAZMAT) FMCSRs $39.95


DOT Hazardous Materials General Awareness $29.95

DOT Hazmat Security Awareness for Drivers $24.95

DOT Hazmat Security Awareness for Shippers and Carriers $24.95

DOT Training for Drivers of Hazmat Shipments $39.95

DOT Training for Offerors of Bulk and Non-bulk Hazmat Packages $39.95

DOT Training for Offerors of Non-bulk Hazmat Packages $39.95

Environmental Courses CLICK TO START

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure $24.95

Human Resources CLICK TO START

AIDS in the Workplace $24.95

Disability in the Workplace $24.95

Drug-Free Workplace $24.95

Violence in the Workplace $24.95


Instant OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens $24.95

Instant OSHA Confined Spaces $24.95

Instant OSHA Electrical Safety $24.95

Instant OSHA Ergonomics $24.95

Instant OSHA Fire Safety $24.95

Instant OSHA Hearing Conservation $24.95

Instant OSHA Heat and Cold Stress $24.95

Instant OSHA Lock and Tag $24.95

Instant OSHA Personal Protective Equipment $24.95

Instant OSHA Slips, Trips and Falls $24.95

MSHA - Mine Safety & Health CLICK TO START

MSHA - Part 46 Miner Refresher Training Bundle $125.00

MSHA - Emergency Procedures (VLS525) $100.00

MSHA - First Aid (VLS523) $100.00

MSHA - Hazard Communication (VLS524) $100.00

MSHA - Hazard Recognition and Avoidance (VLS521) $100.00

MSHA - Respiratory Protection (VLS522) $100.00

MSHA - Statutory Rights (VLS520) $100.00

OSHA "Spotlight On" Topic Courses CLICK TO START

SpotLight on Bloodborne Pathogens: Engineering and Work Practice Controls $7.99

SpotLight on Bloodborne Pathogens: Infectious Diseases in the Workplace $7.99

Spotlight on Fire Safety: Emergency Action Plans $7.99

SpotLight on Fire Safety: Fire Extinguisher Requirements, Classes, and Ratings $7.99

SpotLight on GHS Hazard Communication: Labels $7.99

SpotLight on GHS Hazard Communication: Safety Data Sheets $7.99

OSHA Hazardous Waste Training Courses CLICK TO START

HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher $59.95 Purchase

HAZWOPER 24-Hour $200.00 email to start [email protected]

HAZWOPER 40-Hour $350.00 email to start [email protected]

OSHA Safety & Health Fundamentals Courses CLICK TO START

Asbestos (Construction) $24.95

Asbestos (General Industry) $24.95

Bloodborne Pathogens $24.95

Concrete and Masonry Construction $24.95

Construction Safety: Struck and Caught Hazards $24.95

Crane Safety (Construction) 2010 $24.95

Electrical Safety (Construction) $24.95

Electrical Safety (General Industry) $24.95

Ergonomics (Construction) $24.95

Ergonomics in the Office $24.95

Excavations (Construction) $24.95

Fall Protection $24.95

Fire Safety (Construction) $24.95

Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness (General Industry) $24.95

First Aid $24.95

Flammable and Combustible Liquids $24.95

Forklift Safety $24.95

GHS Hazard Communication $24.95

Hand and Power Tools (Construction) $24.95

Health Hazards in Construction: Lead and Silica $24.95

Hearing Conservation $24.95

Heavy Equipment (Construction) $24.95

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) $24.95

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene $24.95

Introduction to OSHA (Construction) $24.95

Introduction to OSHA (General Industry) $24.95

Ladder Safety $24.95

Lockout/Tagout $24.95

Managing Safety and Health $29.95

Materials Handling (Construction) $24.95

Materials Handling (General Industry) $24.95

Permit-Required Confined Spaces $24.95

Personal Protective Equipment (Construction) $24.95

Personal Protective Equipment (General Industry) $24.95

Respiratory Protection $24.95

Safe Driving Practices $24.95

Scaffolds (Construction) $24.95

Steel Erection (Construction) $24.95

Walking-Working Surfaces (General Industry) $24.95

Welding and Cutting $24.95

Workplace Fires and Emergencies (General Industry) $24.95

Transportation Courses CLICK TO START

Alabama Metal Coil Certification $25.00

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Adverse Conditions and Emergency Situations $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Changing Lanes and Passing $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Curves, Turns, and Downgrades $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Pedestrians and Passengers $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Right-of-Way and Intersections $7.99

Best Practices for CMV Drivers: Start-Up, Back-Up, and Parking Procedures $7.99

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Automobiles, Light Trucks, and Vans, and Flattened or Crushed Vehicles $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Concrete Pipe $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Dressed Lumber and Similar Building Products $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: General Requirements $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Heavy Vehicles, Equipment, and Machinery $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Intermodal Containers $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Large Boulders $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Logs $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Metal Coils $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Paper Rolls $24.95

Cargo Securement for Drivers: Roll-On/Roll-Off or Hook Lift Containers $24.95

DOT Driver's Guide to CDL Requirements $24.95

DOT Driver's Guide to Driving CMVs $24.95

DOT Driving Commercial Motor Vehicles: Rules of the Road $24.95

DOT Drug and Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training $39.95

DOT Financial Responsibility for Passenger-Carrying Motor Carriers $7.99

DOT Financial Responsibility for Property-Carrying Motor Carriers $7.99

DOT Hours of Service for Oilfield Operations $24.95

DOT Motor Carrier General Applicability: Who and When $24.95

Driver Wellness $24.95

Entry-Level Driver Training $39.95

Tanker Truck Inspections for Drivers $24.95

Texas Regulations and FMCSR Exceptions for Intrastate Commerce $24.95

Whistleblower Protection (Transportation) $24.95